Hattie Mae Williams-TTB

I am a compassionate activist who is reclaiming and reframing spaces through site specific/context specific dance, film, photography, and installations. I am the daughter of Florence Marie Berg and Henry Lee Williams. I am the namesake of my beautiful strong Grandmother who was born in Rochelle, Georgia where the cotton fields slow dance behind her house, the small  juke joint buzzes with cousins, bud lite, and one old pool table. My creative practice is the commitment to community to use art in a socially engaged, politically strategic and physical way that connects community to “place.” Taking chances through exposing or bringing attention to what is already here in our surrounding environments and rich cultures along with acknowledging the past pulse of the people, place, and surroundings, is approached very seriously within my work and seen as sacred. I am drawn to describing the beauty and harshness of a place, the history that is erased, forgotten, retold or changed. The interest in reconnecting themes related to human conditions and feelings that are inherent and innate to all people; yet social, racial, cultural and economic divides along with institutional racist structures have acted to further remove ourselves from these felt emotions and community connection  has paralyzed the humanity muscle in many of us. My philosophy looks at Sites Specific work as a component of my work’s totality. The Body is the site and history of the place along with its current use. The Mind is the politics and process that takes place in choreographing the interaction. And the Spirit is the community within the space, the ethics and intentions involved along with the culture and energetic vibration that has been in the site and will remain long after the work is resolved.


  1. Rumor has it the Tattooed Ballerinas, are coming back!

  2. email us at thetattooedballer@gmail.com, and check out myspace- hattie mae williams and the tattooed Ballerinas.