Joyce SoHo Season May 20-22 8pm

Hattie Mae Williams & The Tattooed Ballerinas and Mark Drahozal presents DOPPELGANGER with guest choreographer Kevin Wynn. May 20-22 8pm tickets 15$ and may be puchased online at,via phone at 212-242-0800 or in person Joyce Soho is located 155 Mercer Street (between Houston &Prince Streets)

Via Subway: R to Prince*B/D/F/V to Broadway-Lafayette*6 to Bleeker

A Doppelganger is typically defined as a double or look-alike, an evil twin or the hidden or 'dark side' of a person. Choreographers Hattie Mae Williams and Mark Drahozal, along with guest choreographer Kevin Wynn, will use the idea of the Doppelganger to create a montage of schizophrenic love songs in an evening of dance, music, skits, audio stories and video which will explore the duality within ourselves and the motivations that draw us to pursue another human being.

Ms. Williams will be representing the 'positive', 'light' side, of human interactions, exploring relationships and questioning what aspect of ourselves we expose to our lover and what aspect of them we are drawn to. One of the pieces she will premiere will include footage from site-specific work done in a laundry mat. It will explore the armor we put on everyday and the process in which we reinvent, clean and dirty, shed and protect our images, or expose ourselves honestly to one another. Stories of how love and lust can be found by people during everyday tasks, and ideas such as intimate exposure in a public place, along with connecting to strangers in the process of daily living, will be investigated in this work, along with a duet and solo choreographed by Ms. Williams.

Mr. Drahozal will represent the 'dark side', with four works:
'Icepick (aka The Bride)', performed May 2008 at The Tank, is a duet
which takes place in a 5x9 corner of space and relates marriage to
confinement and mental breakdown while at the same time being a
device for self-discovery; 'Empty Spaces', a duet with Mo Damaso and
Lesley Garrison, uses a bunk bed to play with ideas such as
displacement, separation, unfulfilled desire, absence and the
potential for unity while maintaining two separate individualities.
His final duet will be to 'They Can't Take That Away from Me' and
will explore nostalgia and moving on. He will also be dancing in a
solo exploring lust.

Ms. Williams and Mr. Drahozal are also creating work collaboratively, theatrical duets directly exploring contrasts between each other and those present within themselves: male/female, black/white, external/internal etc. Mr. Wynn will be presenting one piece, being given the freedom to explore the themes and ideas of this show however he sees fit.

Images from SNATCHED

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