OMM Sistas Hattie Mae Williams & Loni Johnson present "Snatched"

Miami Light Project presents Here and Now Festival

Dates: May 7-9 & May 14-16 all shows start@ 8 pm
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Snatched” a sites specific interdisciplinary “happening” that  pays homage to Sarah Baartman, Ota Benga and Josephine Baker; a recognition of their narratives, and the parallels between their experiences and our own. This journey is a look into he eroticism of the black female body in a racist, capitalist, patriarchal society.  In recognizing the negative effects or imprints the imperial gaze has had and continues to have on our psyche; how do we take ownership in our beauty and ancestry without falling victim to the exploitative structures that are presented for us to express our femininity/masculinity? Are you aware that your being viewed? Are you aware that you also are the viewer?

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